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“报之以李”(www.cnmedia.org )是我自己设立的个人网站。它不是一个个人口水博客,而是一个个人专栏、媒体文章等的集合,作为对自己文章的归档。





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LI Zixin, Founder of China30s.com, Executive Chief Editor at The Weekly Magazine

Zixin has over ten years’ experience in both journalism and public relations. He has an intensive experience in covering democratic elections in western countries, including the US(2008),UK(2010),Russia(2012) and recently France. He published a book on UK democracy system in 2011 and another book on disaster journalistic reporting in 2009.

His PR experiences include Vice President of Financial Dynamics and Public Affair Manager of theLi Ka-Shing Foundation.

In 2011, he set up an independent website called China30s.com for the “Chinese sandwich generation”- people who are around 30s and find themselves in the middle of careers, families and other life status. The website extends to an offline NGO club which supports the “sandwichers” to gain positive power from each other and make a change to their own lives.

Zixin holds a BA in Journalism from Renmin University, China and an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London, with a scholarship from the World Bank.

Email: tonylizixin(at)gmail.com

Wechat: cnmediaorg

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